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Our tutors are well-qualified and experienced who possess a college degree and relevant tutoring experience in their subject area(s). They will work with your students academic weaknesses, and to help strengthen every area. Prior to hiring, we thoroughly screen and check the background of our tutors. Kids To College provides the best services in getting the right tutor with students based on learning preferences, personality, and academic strengths and weaknesses. Our on staff advocacy department consists of MSMA Clinical Psychology, Licensed Speech Therapists and Licensed teachers are only a phone call away to review and discuss any challenges your student may have.


Our programs are designed to provide results!  Not only is your child’s school curriculum well assisted, our

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tutors make sure that the weaker academic sections are strengthened to provide a firm learning foundation for best results. Whether it’s our custom advocacy with the public school system, academic assistance programs, or working with one of our graduate students on college entry exams, students start showing growth in a matter of weeks. Wherever your student is at, our dedicated professionals can help build blocks for their success.


Our private tutor rates typically range from $30 to $40 an hour depending on the subject and instructor. Our top priorities are to connect your student with the right instructor and fit your budget. Our typical instructors are licensed teachers and graduate students from local Universities.