Our goal is to support students all the year round so as they can practice reading, mathematics or any other weaker subject, so they do not forget anything they have learned in the previous school year or semester. Entering a new grade level is always a fun experience and a confidence builder with the tutors at Kids To College.

Kids To College provides remedial tutoring for the kids who, despite of all preparation and good grades, suffer the anxiety and stress to return back to the same class. This can give them a head start to face the little issues of the class with strong will and they can turn out to be the brightest students of the class. Our private tutoring services are available all year round and during all the vacations.

Practice these basic tips to let students succeed in the transition from summer break to school:

New School:

It is very natural to be a little scared of the change.  If your child shows signs of anxiety or expresses concern before attending a new school, it is normal. Usually, schools offer tours for the newcomers to make them familiar with new place and learning environment.  Once your child is comfortable with the place, the first day jitters will minimize.


It is really important that you help your child in gaining organizational habits. This reduces stress, anxiety over missing items, lost items, or forgotten important dates. One of the ways that can help is to keep a large wall calendar with all the important dates for projects, assignments, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Developing good study habits:

Let the tutor take care of your child’s studies but good habits can be learnt from the family.  Make sure that child has fixed timings for home work and during that time, there are no disturbances of any sort.

Homework Helper:

Always stay nearby your child when he/she is completing some important assignment so you can help in tackling the hardest subject first and then taking up rest of the work. This will give them a feeling of accomplishment and confidence to sail through the rest of the work.


Always encourage your child for writing a daily dairy. This will help them release anxiety or worries that they may be experiencing but are unable to talk with you.  Another benefit that comes of this activity is that this will improve their writing skills.

Kids-To-College provides in-home tutoring services in a wide range of subjects for students of all ages.
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Our private tutoring services are best in class for helping student catch up that might fall behind or facing any of a number of challenges.

A new session in school means new classes, subjects, teachers, games, books and homework. Most kids enjoy the start of a  new session in school with everything new around them, whereas, there are some who may suffer anxiety by the mere thought of returning back to school. To prepare kids for new school year, summer tutoring programs can be included in the students’ routine during the break period.

If kids are prepared well for their in-class performance, they will feel confident in class which will ultimately reflect in their good grades.

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