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  • Free consultation to assess your child’s current learning abilities and skills
  • Comprehensive evaluation to understand student’s potential and the needs to reach that potential
  • Detailed report to calibrate the methods and approach for the child’s learning process
  • Learning is made fun through the methods and approach suggested by us, so as students learn quickly and show better results
  • Our curricula are tailored to create and strengthen the basic learning foundation of the students, especially, for children with learning disabilities
  • Our programs are designed by experts to bring out the best in each child

Our Process of Home School Tutoring

Kids To College offers home school tutoring for your children, so it is convenient for the parents to avoid those long hours driving to a learning center. Sessions are scheduled as per the family’s free time.

Our tutors include early childhood educators as well as special education teachers for children with special needs.  Kids To College highly values your time and needs to provide you with the flexibility in your schedule and the type of tutor that your student deserves.

Kids To College offers a learning system which is designed for the success of all types of students:

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Our Process